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6" Silicon Wafer, Set of 8, from USA ( AMD, TI, Cypress, Maxim, AMI, LSi, etc.
T962 Reflow Oven Infrared IC Heater Soldering Machine 800W 180 x 235mm Automatic
10 oz. Spray Can of SUPER COLD 134 Freeze Spray (MG Chemicals 403A-285G)
Andonstar ADSM-201 and ADSM-302 HDMI microscope POLARIZER KIT
4" silicon wafer - Vintage 1980s R65C51 by Rockwell International
Titanium sputtering target, 2.0in dia x 0.250in thick, 99.995% (metals basis)
Canada’s industrial capacity and manufacturing growth remains mixed
Lower sales in the petroleum and coal product, and primary metal industries were largely responsible for the decline. Sales were down in 13 of 21 industries, representing about 86 percent of Canadian manufacturing. Primary metal manufacturing sales were ...
Where Manufacturing Is on the Rebound
If the Great Recession was disastrous for many sectors of the American economy, it was widely seen as the death knell for manufacturing ... and more cost-effective to manufacture. “The metal for Air Force One was made at this plant ...
3D Parts Manufacturing Invests $6 Million To Relocate Production From Oversees To Indiana
An additive plastics and metal parts manufacturer, 3D Parts Manufacturing, plans today to expand its Indianapolis, Indiana manufacturing center, creating up to 65 new jobs by the end of 2018. The company will invest $6 million to lease and equip 25,000 ...
Maker's Row Ushers in a New Wave of U.S. Manufacturing
Then Torres found ... for free, from one-stop shops that help take them from idea to market (an often-preferred choice of startups just learning the language of the manufacturing process) to specialized manufacturers that can produce custom branding ...
U.S. May ISM Manufacturing Report on Business (Text)
Following is the text of the U.S. manufacturing conditions from the Institute for Supply Management. PMI at 49%; May Manufacturing ISM Report On Business; New Orders, Production and Inventories Contracting; Employment Growing; Supplier ...
AstroCel II Cleanroom Air Filter 24E40A2T1M2 With Fan 23 5/8"x47 5/8"x5 7/8"
Rare 8" IC Microchip Silicon Pattern Wafer with Most Advanced Cobalt Technology
Controleo3 Reflow Oven Controller (open-source)
T962 Reflow Oven Infrared IC Heater Visual Operation Micro-Computer SMD BGA
Andonstar HDMI Digital Microscope Long work distance PCB soldering repair Tool
White Cotton Gloves Lisle Hand Glove Clean Handling Lint Free 100% Cotton 12 Pr
Brooks Instrument GF-125 Mass Flow Controller
VAT 26524-KA12-BKS1 Pneumatic High Vacuum Valve KF16 Flange
Set of 4 Panasonic SP60 Squeegee Top Plates 350mm
Auto Infrared Ic Heater Reflow Oven T962 Heating Air Circulation LCD Display
T962A Infrared SMD BGA IC Heater Automatic Reflow Oven Soldering Area 300×320mm
New Andonstar ADSM201 microscope for PCB repair tool SHIP
Fitglow Beauty - Good Lash Vegan Mascara, Black Brand New In Box
KF-25 (NW-25) Oil Mist Eliminator with Filter Element
Nickel Plating Kit
20 x 6 inch 150mm Silicon Wafers Wafer With Flats
Indium, 30g, Metal Shot Granules from Solar Cell manufacturing factory.
TX609 TEXWIPE TechniCloth 9" x 9" Cellulose and Polyester Cleanroom Wiper
Pair Of Silicon Wafers ( AMI &. AMD ), 5” Silicon Wafers.
Si Wafer SET D40 mm - Silicon Monocrystalline - 24 pcs in box
T962 Infrared IC Heater Automatic Reflow Oven SMD BGA 180×235mm Soldering Area
MKS Instruments 628B11TDE Baratron
2X ORIGINAL Chemtronics SODER-WICK 80-4-5 Desoldering Braid Rosin SD
Palbam Class High Quality Cleanroom Stainless Steel Table with shelf & foot rest
Set Panasonic SP60 Squeegee Holders 350mm
Microwave Filter Company Type 6367 TWO section filter for broadcast and cable
KF-25 (NW-25) Centering Ring WITH Viton O-ring
MKS Instruments E28B-23747
Panasonic SP60 Printer Support Blocks
KF16 Stainless Bellows 10 Inch 250mm NW16 USA Seller
MDC 420030 Del-Seal Flange
Norton 01911/04706 5" 24 Grit Fiber Backed All Purpose Grinding & Sanding Disc -
new VAT valves series 265 KF16 vacuum normally open valve qty available mks
AMAT 0090-20004 Vexta 5-Phase A3723-9215 Centura Indexer Motor With encoder
Spin150 Wafer Spinner
Mixed Lot of 10 Micro-Swiss Bonding Dicing Tools Bonding Tip
Perfection Grip Expander Rings 7" GRP-2620-5 w/ Ring Cases LOT OF 54 (5935)
4" Single Wafer Carrier Box - including Container, Cover & Spring - 10set/pck
10X-20X-30X-60X Stereo Binocular Microscope with Large Base Metal Sturdy Stage
Asyst Technologies SMIF POD w/ Asyst ST-8260 or ST-8220 Smart-Tag RFID Display
Applied Materials/AMAT Assy No. 0100-20100 FAB No. 0110-20100 Rev A
OMAX Zoom 7X-45X Stereo Trinocular Microscope+9MP USB Camera Dual Lights
3.4X-45X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope+0.5X Aux. Lens Large Field of View
Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 5X-80X+Large Table+54 LED Light+2MP USB Camera
Trinocular 3.5X-90X Single-bar Boom Stand Stereo Microscope+144 LED Ring Light
3.5X-45X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope+20W LED Single Fiber+Narrow Stand
2.1X-90X Zoom Stereo Microscope+Articulating Arm Post Stand+0.3X Auxiliary Lens
54 LED Lite Single-bar Stereo Trinocular Microscope+1.3MP USB Camera Boom Stand
Nice 8" Copper IC Microchip Silicon Pattern Wafer with green background
3.5X-90X Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope+Narrow Stand+80LED Light+5MP Camera
3.5X-45X Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope+20W LED Y-Fiber+Narrow Stand+1.3M Cam
OMAX 6.7X-45X Articulating Arm Stereo Zoom Microscope+150W Dual Fiber Light
90X Boom Stand Stereo Zoom 144 LED Ring Light Microscope+2MP USB Digital Camera
144 LED Trinocular Zoom Boom Stand Stereo 3.5X-90X Microscope+5.0MP USB Camera
Dual-arm Ball-Bearing Boom Stand with Focusing Arm for Bausch & Lomb Microscopes
TX1009B TEXWIPE AlphaWipe 9" x 9" Polyester Cleanroom Wiper - BULK PACKED
OMAX 3.5X-90X 1080p HDMI Camera Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope+144-LED Light
OMAX 40-2500X Infinity Metallurgical Microscope with Dual Lights+5MP Camera
Stereo Binocular Zoom 3X-100X Microscope Body (76mm) only+0.5X Auxiliary Lens
5M Pixel Digtial 7X-45X Zoom Stereo Microscope+144 LED Ring Light for Industrial
Stable 7X-45X Binocular Microscope with Articulating Arm+Post+54 LED Ring Light
LEYBOLD 85472-3 854723 HOUR METER TURBOTRONIK NT150/360 NT 150/360 USED
Gespec GESADC-12 PCB Board, 9123
7X-45X Stereo Microscope+Articulating Arm Boom Stand+150W Halogen Cold Ring Lite
3 Stub Tuner WR284 Astex FI20103
AE Advanced Energy RF Match Network Navigator 3155162-037, 27-368450-00
Spectra Microvision Nor Cal 960305-1 Residual Gas Analyzer LM501 RGA Mass Spec
PTFE Fluoro Wafer Dipper 3 inch
3.5X-90X Dual-bar Boom Stand Zoom Microscope LED Light
ddm hopt & schuler Chip Smart Card Reader Socket Connector
DUPONT KALREZ Compound 4079 O-RING AS-568A K# 121  1-1/16 x 1-1/4 x 3/32 FFKM
KF-16 (NW-16) to 1/4" Swagelok Adapter
MG Chemicals 416-X Exposure Kit
Panasonic MSR Feeder storage cart NM-0708
3.5X-45X Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Metal Narrow Table Stand
Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 2.0MP USB Camera Win7
H-Square Horizontal Wafer Transfer Stand Slide
NEW ASM PN: 43-105310A43 Quartz Halogen IR 6000W 480V Lamp (Infrared) Ushio QIH
(1) Used Simco Guardian CR2000 P/N 4008360 Aerostat Overhead Ionizing 3-Fan Clea
810-017034-005 Lam Research Envision CPU VME Processor 68030
Alessi Cascade Microtech MH-4 Right Hand Micropositioner Probe Magnetic Base
2-45X Zoom Stereo Microscope+Articulating Arm Stand for Circuit Board Inspection
2-90X Zoom Microscope+Articulating Arm Stand+0.3X Aux.Lens Long Working Distance
3.5X-90X Boom Trinocular Microscope+9MP Camera LED Lite
Jeweler's Watchmaker Luxo L-2 MAGNIFIER TABLE TOP MODEL KFM17215 VERY NICE
3" Teflon Wafer Carrier 25 Slot New Old Stock Milled from Solid Block of Teflon
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11100
Metal industry, old ‘infant’
The absence of industrial robots ... from the automotive and metal industries. Philippine companies covered by the MIRDC report do not include industrial robots as part of their equipment. “Even with the emergence of new technologies that is sweeping ...
Food equipment maker to open manufacturing site in Middletown
Avure Technologies is the largest provider of ultra-high pressure systems to enhance material properties, form sheet metal, and pasteurize foods without heat or chemicals. The company’s technology helps keep food pathogen-free and stay fresh longer ...
Expanding Manufacturing Base in Developing Countries Drives Demand for Machine Tools, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Advent of 3D-printing machines, in this regard, marks the emergence of next generation machine tools. A part of the generative manufacturing revolution currently underway, 3D machining tools based on additive layer technologies is expected to witness ...
Chemetall Non-Phosphorous Pretreatment Oxsilan(R) 9810/2 Is Military Approved
Chemetall has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art specialty chemical products for over 100 years. The ISO 9001 company offers a wide spectrum of products ranging from metalworking fluids and drawing & stamping compounds to ...
Arizona Industrial Employment Increased Slightly over Past Year
Detailed profiles of Arizona’s 5,178 manufacturing companies can be found in the 2013 Arizona Manufacturers Directory ®, available in print for $112, or available online through MNI’s industrial database subscription service. Users may generate custom ...
Global Report on Machine Tools Markets
Advent of 3D-printing machines, in this regard, marks the emergence of next generation machine tools. A part of the generative manufacturing revolution currently underway, 3D machining tools based on additive layer technologies is expected to witness ...